The Bayer Foundation Gives Back to Veterans in Need

By Darlene Terrill, Regional Administrator of Iowa Operations – WestCare IOWA/FAVA

WestCare Iowa/FAVA (Family Alliance for Veterans of America) recently received assistance through the Bayer Foundation in the form of a $6,000 grant! Their foundation’s belief is that giving is not just about writing checks – but enabling and strengthening organizations that are working to make impactful and sustainable contributions within their communities.

Through the support of the Bayer Foundation, the organizations that they have supported have been able to continue enriching thousands of lives, including those of the Veterans and families that we serve! As a philanthropic arm of Bayer in the United States, their foundation develops programs and makes strategic investments to qualified non-profit organizations who are tackling big challenges such as combatting malnutrition and food insecurity, enhancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), education and providing supportive services for patients and families who are managing cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Their generous grant enabled us to fill our pantry with food and purchase several microwaves that will enable our recently housed Veterans to prepare their meals in their new apartments! All Veterans that are served by us are in some form of crisis, have been living on the streets and have lost everything. Thanks to Bayer, we can assure that those who have selflessly fought for our country will no longer have to worry about malnutrition or food insecurity.

This was a wonderful gift that has really made a difference for the Veterans that we serve in Boone County and surrounding areas where this type of assistance can be very limited!

By WestCare

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