The JPCF Welcomes Staff

By Jeremie Delauder, MAT Research Assistant

WestCare Kentucky is pleased to welcome staff at the newly opened Judi Patton Center for Families (JPCF) facility! The JPCF is a ninety-six-bed residential facility for women who are battling substance use disorders in and around Kentucky. Clients are referred to WestCare through various agencies including the Kentucky Department of Corrections (KY DOC) and the federal probation/parole system.

“The JPCF is a ninety-six bed residential facility for women who are battling substance use disorders in and around Kentucky.”

The JPCF’s Program Director, Dr. Tiffany Slone (pictured), and her team will continue the WestCare mission of Uplifting the Human Spirit at this newly opened facility! On behalf of our staff throughout the Kentucky region – welcome to the WestCare family! We look forward to working with all of you!

The Staff of the JPCF

Dr. Tiffany Slone, Program Director

Brandi Baily, Counselor Technician

Kenneth Brown, Maintenance

Janie Coleman, Counselor Technician

Clarissa Epling, Administrative Assistant

Stacy Gibson, Counselor Technician

Amber McCoy, Counselor

Alesha Pigg, Cook

Jennifer Reese, Counselor Technician

Courtney Roberts, Counselor Technician

Rebecca Stevens, Counselor Technician

Amanda Tackett, Counselor Technician

By WestCare

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