An Alumni Returns as Staff

By Cheryl DeBatt, Director

As a director, counselor, or case manager, being a part of something more than just an office brings much joy into coming to work each day and is reflected onto all of those that we help. A family is much more than those that we live with, but can also include those that we work with. One of our biggest accomplishments is when a former client becomes a staff member. This is one case where we know that we have made a difference in the life of another – having seen just how far they’ve come.

One of our biggest accomplishments is when a former client becomes a staff member.

When we have to say goodbye to one of our staff, it is a bittersweet moment. There are mixed feelings as we only want what is best for someone that we’ve worked alongside for years. But, when an opening for their position is posted and applied for by an individual that we have personally watched grow, the sadness is overturned.

Martin Williams participated in WestCare Arizona’s programs about five years ago and today is our new and wonderful administrative assistant! When the position was posted, it was much to our surprise to see his name as an applicant and then to see him walk through the door for the interview. Once a young man in need and now a professional enrolled in college and about to complete his degree in medical billing, we are so proud of him for many different reasons. We welcome Martin to our team and to our WestCare family with open arms and gratitude that he chose WestCare to further his career!

By WestCare

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