Puerto Rico

Inauguration of Guara Bi Guaitiao

By Yolanda Gonzalezmalave, Program Assistant & HR Coordinator – WestCare Puerto Rico

On February 26th, Guara Bi proudly inaugurated our newest addition to our programs, Guara Bi Guaitiao. This is a SAMHSA program dedicated to offering educational and prevention services to young people between the ages of thirteen to twenty-four.

Among the services offered are: educational talks, counseling based on scientific evidence, case management, referrals, rapid HIV testing, supporting services and special incentives available to program participants.

In our native Taino language “Guaitiao” means “Friend.”

It is our hope with this new program that we make friends with all of our young clients, help them recognize the social pressures regarding drugs and provide them with the assertiveness and skills to avoid falling victim to peer pressure and drug abuse.

By WestCare

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