“Dying Matters”

By Nevaeh M.

Drugs, most of us know it,

While others don’t, for whom people who take them wait,

For freedom because they are trapped in a dying matter,

Which they can’t escape.

It’s pain for family, friends or anyone.

Harmful depression, lack of energy,

trapped by demons that take over who they are,

Who they want to be…

Who they can be.

People suffer and can’t stand this happening,

They don’t know how to cope with this in life.

But I am not trapped in the dying matter

Because I know what truly matters.

I know that I didn’t cause it,

I can’t control it,

I can’t cure it,

But . . .

I can take care of myself by communicating my feelings,

Making good choices and celebrating myself.

What truly matters are those who are free

help me with these things,

And find a new way to not be trapped in a dying matter.

By WestCare

We're a family of nonprofit organizations providing a wide spectrum of health and human services across the United States, 3 U.S. territories, and 2 Republics.

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