Honoring Doris Michaux

By Joyce Randle, Administrative Coordinator – WestCare Georgia

Doris Michaux began and finished her career in the field of social services. She realized early in her professional career that her talents and love was in providing services either directly or through others. Her managerial career began in Merced, California. When her husband in the Air Force was transferred to England, she became a volunteer on base and provided services to military dependents. Upon her return to the states, she was a manager in the Child Welfare Division in Rapid City, South Dakota. When her husband retired, she returned to Madera, California where she ran their Children’s and Adult Services. She continued to progress in the field and retired as the Assistant Director of Fresno County’s Department of Social Services. In this role, she became the only African-American responsible for a large agency in the state of California. Due to her expertise, she was sought after by the California State Department of Social Services, the San Mateo Department of Social Services and the San Francisco Department of Children’s Services.

Doris has served on WestCare’s Board of Directors for over forty-six years; thirty years with WestCare California (which was the second state to enter the WestCare family) and sixteen years for WestCare Georgia, which she currently serves as Vice-Chair of our Board of Directors.

Richard Steinberg, CEO of WestCare, stated, “Doris is a jewel and an invaluable resource to the WestCare family. Her dedication is second to none.”

It is with great pleasure that we honor Doris Michaux and her many contributions during Women’s History Month!

By WestCare

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