Pacific Islands

Second Summer Splash

By Salome Vuki and Kathryn Bisalen, Prevention Specialists, Maolek Na Lina’la 

There was no stopping for the I Lina’la Hu (My Life) and Maolek Na Lina’la (Life is Good) programs of WestCare Pacific Islands as we headed down to the southern side of the island and kicked off our second summer camp in the village of Piti. With 16 middle-school-aged youth looking to make the most of what’s left of the summer, we are now in the home stretch of both programs’ curricula. The young campers are learning how positive thoughts can affect changes in their actions as well as what healthy relationships may look like in these modern times. 

Not only are they keeping their minds active during the summer, but they have also kept their body active through participating in team cheers, scavenger hunts, and games. As the summer winds down to make way for the beginning of a new school year, we will treasure these special milestones for our programs. They will serve as memories of great times had and a source of motivation for our teams to deepen our work in the community.

By WestCare

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