Attending the 14th Annual Georgia School of Addiction Studies

By Kendra Webb-Muhammad, Program Director, WestCare Georgia Youth Academy

WestCare Georgia was in the house at the 14th Annual Georgia School of Addiction Studies in August with other leaders from across the state for professional development, information exchange, and networking. Miltina Frasier, Ray Cox, and myself attended the annual training and networking event to collaborate and continue our education through sessions designed specifically for treatment and prevention.

The informational sessions offered included topics such as “Incorporating Humor in Therapy,” “Convenience Store Drugs and What You Need to Know,” “Clinical Supervision and How to Manage New and Senior Clinicians,” “African American Males and the Effects of Trauma,” “Incorporating Mindfulness in Treatment for all Ages,” “Drugs and Their Effect on the LGBTQ Community” and many more!

Our directors were represented in the treatment award ceremony as well as the prevention ceremony. We met new contacts and collaborated with familiar ones. The event was a total success and concluded with a week-long scavenger hunt in which all directors participated wholeheartedly. It was a week full of fun, good food, and information that could enhance our ability to adequately provide for those that we serve. Way to go team for your representation and for helping others Uplift the Human Spirit!

By WestCare

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