Celebrating National Recovery Month

By Kendra Webb-Muhammad, Program Director, WestCare Georgia Youth Academy

In September, the WestCare Georgia Youth Academy welcomed youth, staff, and community partners to join us in celebrating recovery! We gathered in a circle and shared our thoughts and aspirations about the importance of recovery and the daily challenges associated with the fight for sobriety. Each participant was provided with an opportunity to share stories of their past, their current struggles, and their goals for recovering from the addictions that have impacted their functionality. At the conclusion of our dedication to recovery, each participant released a purple balloon in remembrance of those who have lost their battle with addiction while celebrating the recovery of those who remain in the fight! Each balloon had positive affirmations, well wishes, and personal messages on them to encourage others. The event was a total success and a beautiful collaboration among a group of individuals striving for personal recovery and in support of each other’s journey. Although National Recovery Month is over, the fight lives on. Join us in celebrating recovery one day at a time!

By WestCare

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