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Family Fun Day in the Virgin Islands

By Yolanda Gonzalez Malave, Program Assistant and HR Coordinator, Caribbean and Latin American Region

The Village – Virgin Islands Partners in Recovery’s prevention office recently hosted a family fun day event at the Louis E. Brown apartment complex. We invited their residents to join us for a day of family fun, bonding, and learning. We used this event as part of a recruitment effort to enroll families into our Strengthening Families program for residents with children ages 7 – 17.

We provided delicious meals by an up-and-coming local chef, cotton candy, live music by local DJ, Big Kat Sounds, and clowns on behalf of Child’s Party Service.

Children who attended made new friends within their community and their parents got a chance to learn about the programs that we offer while enjoying the free day of family fun.

We surpassed our goal of enrolling 15 families and are excited to begin our new cohort on November 9th! We also provided free HIV and Hep C testing to residents ages 12 – 24 as part of our Progressive Lifestyles program that serves teenagers and young adults.

By WestCare

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