Puerto Rico

The Beyond Recovery Workshop Proves that Recovery is Possible!

By Yolanda Gonzalez Malave, Program Assistant & HR Coordinator, Caribbean and Latin American Region

As part of the collaborative agreement for administrative support with the Asociacion Modelo Minnesota in Argentina, Ms. Iris De León, Clinical Coordinator of Guara Bi, Inc., organized a discussion and workshop in September titled, “Beyond Recovery.” As part, treatment and clinical professionals from Argentina were able to hear the success story of Mrs. Liz Yahaira Román, who was immersed in drugs for six years, but is now rehabilitated and today, her story is transforming lives and proving that recovery is possible! Attendees were also able to hear from, Mrs. Barbara Melendez, Social Worker with the women’s organization, Casa Ruth. Liz and Barbara are also proud members of WestCare Puerto Rico’s Community Action Council (CAC). What a great way to celebrate National Recovery Month!

By WestCare

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