Perry Cline Opens a Diaper Pantry With Support from Their Community

By Jeremie Delauder, MAT Research Assistant, WestCare Kentucky

Thanks to a collaboration between Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and State Senator Phillip Wheeler that resulted in a $10,000 donation, WestCare Kentucky’s Perry Cline Emergency Shelter was able to start a diaper pantry for families and children who have been victims of or are at risk of domestic violence. We will now be able to provide diapers, baby wipes, formula, clothing, and other miscellaneous items needed for child-rearing. In addition to these material supplies, Anthem has also offered educational courses and meetings to help nearby families become more self-sufficient as their children age.

Not only will staff be able to distribute these much-needed resources to numerous families within the emergency shelter facility itself, but these supplies and resources will also be used in their community outreach program as well. Staff will keep a log of families served and will submit informal testimonials about their experience with the program.

The staff at the Perry Cline Emergency Shelter are thankful to Mr. Waylon Nelson, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield and State Senator Phillip Wheeler for the opportunity to collaborate and better serve our former, current, and future clientele!

By WestCare

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