Puerto Rico

Outreach on Wheels – Guara Bi Natiao

By Yolanda Gonzalez, Program Assistant and HR Coordinator, Caribbean and Latin American Region

As part of our commitment to our communities, our Guara Bi Yara Ri outpatient treatment and Guara Bi Bartolo Joy long-term care programs provided outreach in the municipality of Vega Baja with the goal of assisting those who are living on the streets and/or have a substance use disorder.

Our staff were joined by officers on behalf of the Puerto Rico Police Department’s (PRPD) Return to Life program as well as the PRPD’s Secretary. Everyone put their best efforts into finding those who were willing to receive treatment by offering an orientation about our treatment, case management and other supportive services offered in coordination with local government and other agencies.

By WestCare

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