A Story of Progress

By Shantia, WEMERGE Women’s Residential Program

My name is Shantia. I am 52 years old and am from Sarasota, FL. When I first came to WestCare, I was homeless, broken, and on drugs. I had been out there a long time and I didn’t know what life was like on this side of the road. So, I had to learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

When I came to WestCare, things changed because deep in my soul, I wanted something more for my life. So, I worked hard in the program and reached the employment phase where I was blessed with a job as a cashier at Tropical Smoothie Café. I wake up every morning ready to put a smile on a customer or co-worker’s face. I have customers who come in just to see me and I feel so blessed. Looking back on where I came from to see where I am today is amazing!

By WestCare

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