Celebrating Our Aging Mastery Program

By Abby Hofrichter, Communications & Social Media Coordinator, Hofrichter Creative LLC

The Aging Mastery Program (AMP) is all about helping clients age 55 and older become the masters of their own aging playbook. This evidence-informed enrichment program developed by the National Council of Aging covers 10 topics from exercise and sleep to financial fitness and healthy relationships. At East End Community Services, these topics are usually covered during a two-week session with community outings and enrichment opportunities along the way. When our seniors complete the AMP course, they’re rewarded with a Chromebook to keep so that they can continue to connect with us and their peers in weekly Zoom meetings and access their AMP courses.

During our fall sessions, we had the opportunity to take a number of outings to The Salvation Army Dayton Kroc Center for a Senior Health Fair, a vaccine clinic, and a senior yoga class in conjunction with Falls Prevention Awareness Week! As a result of these events, several program participants joined the center’s Silver Sneakers program to keep their bodies moving! In addition, the majority of our participants continue to attend weekly Zoom meetings after completing their AMP course and continue to visit our offices and attend outings. It’s these kinds of lasting, healthy connections that show us what it truly means to become a master of your own playbook and make us so proud of our team for securing 79 new Chromebooks to share with our next group of graduates this winter!

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