The GCC’s Personal Growth Center Gives an iOTA With Personal Health Coaching

By Alfonsina De Asmundis, Program Coordinator, Guidance/Care Center

The Guidance/Care Center’s (GCC) Personal Growth Center (PGC) staff and members are collaborating with The Healthy Mind Lab at Washington University School of Medicine and Thriving Mind South Florida in conducting their wellness study.

HealthyBodies | HealthyMinds is a lifestyle interactive Obesity Treatment Approach (iOTA) program for people with early severe mental illness. It is a nine-month study that includes a monthly health coaching session with PGC staff for support, education and goal setting, and weekly text messaging for accountability and tracking progress in support of healthy behaviors.

PGC staff and our members are happy to be part of this study that not only helps our members, but also serves as a tool that will help others in similar situations. Three members of the PGC are participating in the study and have chosen to share their testimonies.

“I chose to participate in the wellness study because I want to lose weight and I felt that I could learn some new techniques for being healthy and losing weight. I have gained a world of knowledge and information. I enjoy getting texts with tips that help in my quest to lose weight.”

– Jolynn S.

“I am participating in the study because I want to lose weight. I have become more aware of my diet and my water intake.”

– Haley S.

“I am participating in this study because I want to lose weight and feel better. The most important thing that I have learned so far is to have the knowledge to differentiate between hunger based on emotions. For example, when I am eating because I am bored and when I have a hunger for fueling.”

– Robert R.

By WestCare

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