Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s CAC Holds Its First Meeting

By Yolanda Gonzalez, Program Assistant and HR Coordinator, Caribbean and Latin American Region

On Friday, October 30, WestCare Dominican Republic’s Community Action Council (CAC) held its first meeting! Cristian Duarte, Chief Operational Officer, welcomed their members and offered a summary of the services offered by WestCare in the Caribbean and in general, as well as the objectives of the CAC.

In the Dominican Republic, our CAC is composed of different professionals in the fields of health, education, law, as well as members of the faith-based community – all of them committed to serving and helping those in need. We were also honored to have the attendance of Mr. Ken Ortbals, Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer and Ms. Nayeli Knuth, Controller – International and Offshore, both on behalf of WestCare Foundation and as well as our Foundation members from WestCare Puerto Rico.

We are very eager to see the excellent work that we know this CAC will do in the Dominican Republic and how they will work on the development of new projects to impact the communities in need.

By WestCare

We're a family of nonprofit organizations providing a wide spectrum of health and human services across the United States, 3 U.S. territories, and 2 Republics.

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