Pembroke Pines Children’s Academy’s First Thanksgiving

By Collene Brown, Childcare Services Administrator

This year was not only the first Thanksgiving of many of our infants but also the Pembroke Pines Children’s Academy’s (PPCA) first of many to come! The students were taught that November means a time for feasts, family, and Thanksgiving fun! It is a time for remembering, giving thanks, and spending time with family. This month’s theme was, “We are Thankful.” So, each classroom discussed the early settlers, Native Americans, and the first Thanksgiving. Our teachers engaged the children in discussing Thanksgiving traditions as well as what it means to be thankful.

Art that the children made for Thanksgiving were sent home with parents so that they could decorate their homes. Here at our preschool, we are thankful for the community, our staff, and our consumers for allowing us to be a part of their children’s lives while attending the PPCA.

By WestCare

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