Puerto Rico

Thankful & Giving Thursday

By Elizabeth Roldan, Administrative Assistant

On Thankful Thursday, students from the barbershop and styling course at NUC University came to Guara Bi to give haircuts to our clients and trim beards. This motivated each participant to raise their self-esteem and feel confident in themselves. The students expressed that it was a wonderful and enriching experience for them. According to research data, people say that they feel much better when they are comfortable with their hair and the hairstyle that they wear. Well-groomed hair is not only a good presentation of oneself, but it has a direct effect on our self-esteem.

Also during the event, Mr. Rúben Cruz, Coordinator of Guara Bi, expressed his thanks to all his employees, contractors, interns, and volunteers for their support. It was a very emotional moment in which, with tears in their eyes, everyone expressed their thanks and respects to their co-workers and WestCare for the opportunity to serve and help the ones in need.

By WestCare

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