The Holidays in Kentucky 

By Jeremie Delauder, Data Coordinator, WestCare Kentucky 

As is our tradition at WestCare Kentucky, we try to provide our residential clients with activities throughout the holiday season that remind them of better times and times that can be possible through recovery. 

Both our Judi Patton Center for Healthy Families and Hal Rogers’ Appalachian Recovery Center for women and men respectively, organized events to share the holiday spirit with others. Residents wrote letters and made holiday cards to send to their family and loved ones. Besides sharing their joy with others, they also made gingerbread houses, were able to reflect while stargazing, sang seasonal hymns and songs, and enjoyed an evening beside a bonfire – that is, after a snowball fight! 

What celebration would be complete without wonderfully delicious chicken and ham dinners? A couple of evenings were closed out by kicking back, watching a movie, and the sharing of peach cobbler, popcorn, and coffee while watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. 

We, the WestCare staff here in Kentucky, feel very truly blessed to have such a wonderful and caring community that donates and supports our clients. It is an honor and pleasure for us to be able to pass this caring spirit forward. Happy New Year, everyone! 

By WestCare

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