A Special Thank You to Gabriella

By Eric Singleton, EOC and Food Services Director

Gabriella Faedo has been actively volunteering at The Village South since 2015 at the young age of 11. Through the years, we have had the opportunity of seeing Gabriella grow into a hardworking and mature young adult. Her initial visit blossomed into Christmas parties and Valentine’s Day events for our children. This year in addition to the annual Christmas Party, she created, built, and donated a bookshelf for our new Pembroke Pines Children’s Academy on the campus of the Village South Women’s and Children’s Center. She also spearheaded a book drive within her school community and collected and donated over 1,000 books to fill the new bookshelf and help the academy’s students explore the wonderful world of reading. We will forever be grateful to Gabby not only for the new bookshelf and books, but for her kind and generous community service over the years!

By WestCare

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