Clients Learn New Trade Skills in Landscaping

By Jeremie Delauder, Data Coordinator

Now that spring has sprung in the mountains of Kentucky, the Supportive Employment Program’s (SEP) job skills training group has begun to spring forth a beautiful creation of their own, a gazebo in the courtyard at the Hal Rogers Appalachian Recovery Center located in Ashcamp, Kentucky.

Clayton Swindall, the interim Program Director at Ashcamp, had the idea of putting a gazebo in the courtyard for clients to use for meetings, activities, religious groups, and self-reflection. The courtyard will include an updated pond with a waterfall. Enlisting the help from the Supportive Employment program, Mr. Swindall began to make this idea a reality.

Thank you to Douglas Ramey, one of SEP’s case managers, for donating all the materials used for the project! Doug has also taken the lead with planning, prepping, and teaching SEP clients the skills necessary for such a project. Once the construction is complete, their focus will turn to landscaping. The project is expected to be completed sometime this spring and ready for summertime use.

By WestCare

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