Puerto Rico

Guara Bi – Yara Ri Celebrates Three Years of Service

By Elizabeth Roldan, Administrative Assistant

On February 15, Guara Bi – Yara Ri celebrated its third anniversary. This program offers substance abuse treatment with assisted medication and direct support services to clients with opioid use disorders residing in the municipality of Vega Baja and neighboring towns. For the past three years, they have served the community with the purpose of providing outreach, education, guidance, and being a source of support for participants to take control over their integral health.

The program promotes the commitment of the participants to maintain their treatment, recovery process, and achieve a better quality of life free of substance use. Guara Bi – Yara Ri has distinguished itself by being a service organization of excellence and commitment to a marginalized society by serving and helping with professionalism, dignity, and respect for all people with social problems. As part of an anniversary activity, they shared with the participants and employees a delicious lunch and thanked all of their staff for their contributions. Congratulations, everyone on our third anniversary!

By WestCare

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