WestCare Foundation’s Special Relationship with The Home Depot

By Donald Lachman, Special Projects Coordinator, and Andrea Talmadge, Regional Coordinator

WestCare Foundation has forged a unique relationship with The Home Depot, its employees, and its foundation. Over decades, this relationship has been continuously strengthened as participants combined their shared values and distinct capabilities to Uplifting the Human Spirit! The Home Depot corporation has identified honoring Veterans as a corporate priority! It is manifested in their employment practices, local Team Depot Veterans events, multimillion-dollar capital investments to support housing, and store discounts – all to the benefit of Veterans.

There are 1,994 Home Depot stores in the United States as of April 2022. The state with the highest number of locations is California, offering 234 stores. Texas follows with 181 and then Florida at 156. Washington State is home to 46 Home Depot stores.

Scores of Washington State Veterans have benefited from the people, skills, and proficiencies available under a partnership that can alter the life of all participants for the better. Seizing this unique opportunity and giving one access to goods and skilled labor valued at millions of dollars, the small but mighty team of two who carry WestCare’s banner in Washington got busy! We have helped organize, sponsor, and obtain approval for 53 Team Depot Veterans events in the state.

Additionally, we have secured $506,624 in materials through The Home Depot Foundation, volunteer expertise, labor valued at over $2 million, and over $200,000 in suppliers’ participation. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we modified our activities to fund, organize, and distribute hundreds of specially packaged sanitation care kits. Like most enduring successful partnerships, it is grounded by a trusting relationship of people sharing values and a desire to elevate the human spirit.

By WestCare

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