The Village South and the Community Join Forces to Ensure a Happy Mother’s Day!

By Elena Hoyos, Administrative Services Director

Holidays are a time of joy and celebration with family and loved ones. However, for the mothers and children in our residential facility, a joyous day like Mother’s Day can present a rollercoaster of emotions. So, our team at The Village South put together a beautiful surprise celebration for our residential consumers to help enlighten and celebrate the day. This Mother’s Day event took a “village” to pull off! The largest group room was beautifully decorated by the clinical and administrative team, exquisitely presented treats were made by our food services team, and every mom received a cupcake and a rose. With the help of our Pembroke Pines Children’s Academy team, the children made artwork for their mothers. Additionally, handmade centerpieces made by teens were donated from a juvenile correction facility nearby for our décor! The clinical team had an amazing speaker for this occasion. Lastly, the engagement of the community was a key element with Irvene Foster, Executive Senior Sales Director for Mary Kay and her assistant, Malynne Whisman, raising funds to provide 38 individual gift bags for our residential moms with Mary Kay products included! Our residential clients were truly grateful and uplifted by this event!

By WestCare

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