Dominican Republic

The Caribbean CAC Holds Their First Meeting

By Belinda Morales, Executive Assistant

The staff at Guara Bi, Inc. had the pleasure of welcoming the members of the Community Action Council (CAC) from the Caribbean and Latin America for the committee’s first meeting.

Mr. Samuel Sanes & Mr. Cristian Duarte

We had the privilege of having the presence of staff from the Virgin Islands and Dominican Republic together. We also had staff from WestCare Guara Bi Dominican Republic and our partners from Argentina join us virtually.

Ms. Lymaris Rodríguez & Mr. Cristian Duarte

The excellent collaboration and commitment to our organization was recognized by our Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Cristian Duarte; Administrator, Government of the United States Virgin Islands and Chair of the CAC, Mr. Samuel Sanes; Vice Chair of the CAC, Ms. Lymaris Rodríguez; and Dean of the Technological University of Santiago UTESA and Chair of the Dominican Republic CAC, Ms. María Elena Cruz.

Ms. María Elena Cruz & Mr. Cristian Duarte

By WestCare

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