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By Darrell Mayo, Veteran Advocate

Paul Andres is a U.S. Army Veteran who is now helping WestCare take care of other Veterans suffering from homelessness. Paul was born on the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. He speaks both English and the Marshallese language. Shortly after finishing high school in 2011, Paul enlisted in the U.S. Army and stayed until his enlistment was up in 2015. He enlisted into the U.S. Army as a logistical specialist who after his training, was stationed in Fort Bliss, Texas. He did a one-year tour overseas at the Naval Support Activity (NSA) in Bahrain, where he transported vital parts for the U.S. Army artillery unit supporting air defense for the naval base.

After leaving the military, Paul then went to college in Taiwan and studied diplomacy and international relations. He graduated college with a bachelor’s degree and worked as a diplomat in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for six months. He then moved to Iowa to be with his family and is now working for us at WestCare’s Family Alliance for Veterans of America.

Paul enjoys playing basketball with friends and family when he is off work. He also has a four-year-old daughter named Andrea that he loves to take to all of the different parks in Sioux City when the weather is nice. Paul hopes to be an asset to WestCare and to help as many Veterans for as long as he can. Thank you, Paul, for bringing your expertise to our program!

By WestCare

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