Pacific Islands

Overcome and Persevere

By Salome Vuki, Quality Improvement Coordinator

This July, WestCare Pacific Islands’ Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program celebrates Guam’s Liberation Day on July 21 with the theme, “The Strength to Overcome, the Faith to Persevere!” Liberation Day commemorates the end of the Japanese occupation in Guam by the U.S. military. In honor of Liberation Day, SSVF remembers and thanks Veterans and current military members for their service. SSVF continues to serve Veterans and their families in maintaining housing stability, providing case management services, and linking them to resources in the community. This month, SSVF was able to meet our target threshold of serving 75 Veteran households for the year. We expect to serve even more Veteran households as the year closes. SSVF remains committed to serving our island’s Veteran community and honoring their selfless acts of service for the freedom of many.

By WestCare

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