WestCare Wisconsin Partners with the Community to Lend Hope to Felons

By Felicia Williams, Program Director

Our WestCare Wisconsin team was proud to present an amazing community event with our collaborating partner, Gee’s Clippers Barber & Beauty Salon, featuring Mr. Doyle Sprewer, Probation Parole Officer at Wisconsin Department of Community Corrections, who conducted a valuable presentation regarding the Wisconsin Felony Pardon process to an attentive audience. Mr. Sprewer understood the need for this first information session. The first event was so well attended that there was a request for a second date to be added with multiple sessions and a third date being added because the word is spreading that there is hope.

Here is a humbling highlight at a session: There was a meeting where a gentleman traveled with his wife from Kenosha to attend the session in Milwaukee. Even though attempts to discourage him were real, he almost gave up hope that his case from 1996 ever had a chance to be considered for pardon. He was told four different times by four different attorneys that his drug-related offense would never be eligible for pardon consideration. With the information he received, he was given hope. His expression of joy was priceless. We were delighted to meet him and help strengthen his faith that better tomorrows truly are on the horizon!

Much appreciation to Quiana Mann, representing our Clinical Services team, for your presence and assistance throughout the day listening, learning, and lending a helping hand as Mr. Sprewer delivered a message of hope and help!

By WestCare

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