G/CC Supports Law Enforcement and the Florida Keys Community at National Night Out    

By Maureen Dunleavy, LMHC, Regional Vice President 

On August 2, the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office and the Key West Police Department sponsored National Night Out events at four sites throughout the Florida Keys. This is an annual national event with the goal of bringing the community together and heightening crime prevention awareness 

All events were family-friendly and featured food and refreshments. This was a great chance to meet neighbors, members of local law enforcement, firefighters, members of the military as well as many others community partners involved in the public safety of the Florida Keys. Some of the sites had military boats, animals from the Sheriff’s farm, and fire trucks, which turned out to be a lot of fun for the kids! The Guidance/Care Center had prevention staff and mobile crisis team staff on hand at all National Night Events to highlight our partnerships and services which include substance abuse and suicide prevention. It was a fantastic turnout with our staff reaching over 580 individuals combined! 

By WestCare

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