Congratulations to Our Newest Laughlin Drug Court Graduate! 

By Emily Selby, Behavioral Health Technician, WestCare Arizona 

WestCare Arizona is proud to be part of the Laughlin Drug Court Team. This program provides clients with an alternate route to change their life! Using treatment, group therapy, incentives, and sanctions, their program has proved to be successful over the years. Our most recent graduate, Greg B., is pictured here with the team and was in the program for just over a year. He is a prime example of what the program is about, has plans to further his education, and is currently a peer for many with substance abuse problems – using his own experiences to help others. We are excited to see what the future holds for Greg as he continues to work on his recovery. On behalf of the Laughlin Drug Court and WestCare Arizona, congratulations, Greg! 

Pictured from left to right: Emily Selby (WCAZ), Chaz Martinez (WCAZ), Greg B., Judge Tim Atkins, and Jeff Vega (WCAZ) 

By WestCare

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