FAVA Supports Forest City Puckerbrush Days! 

By Jennifer Cleveland, Support Services, FAVA 

Forest City Puckerbrush Days is a two-day annual community event held every July in Forest City, Iowa. This year, the Forest City Lions Club sponsored the parade and the registration fees went towards programs designed to help local children and adults that are hearing impaired.  

In addition to a parade, the event featured a 5k walk/run, a car show, live entertainment, games, food vendors, a craft fair, a community picnic, and a fireworks show. The large brick building shown in the background of the parade route is the actual Family Alliance for Veterans of America (FAVA) office that serves Veterans and their families with supportive services and housing. The event also celebrated the Forest City Fire Department’s 125th Anniversary. Meanwhile, the Winnebago International Travelers’ Grand National Rally happened simultaneously in Forest City, the birthplace of the brand.  

This year, I joined the Rotary Club in serving sandwiches and loading nachos. FAVA’s Healthcare Navigator, Robin Jaquis, and Lead Veteran Navigator, Rose Holmes, made sure that the “Battle of The Businesses” games competition between local businesses ran smoothly. Rose also volunteered in the community picnic portion by handing out medallions to children who won in their game competitions. It was a well-attended event by the community and we were proud to once again be a part!  

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