U.S. Virgin Islands

Suicide Prevention Workshop

By Shelisa Allen, Administrative Assistant

The Village Virgin Islands – Partners in Recovery’s staff continue to improve their knowledge and skills to exceed the quality standards of care to our community and residents. Our staff participated in a two-day workshop instructed by Ana Vizcarrondo and Mrs. Iris De León from WestCare Puerto Rico on September 14 and 15. During this time, an extensive wealth of information on the modules, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), Rapid Change Cycle, PROMISE, and Person-Centered Care were provided to the staff for their development. These workshops provided staff with knowledge of suicide risk factors, warning signs, and available resources. The last day ended with a refresher in Person-Centered Care and was geared towards encouraging our staff to make informed decisions about the care of each person on an individual basis and personalize their plan, because in recovery, one size does not fit all.

By WestCare

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