Taking Steps Towards a Healthier Life

By Maritza Portillo, Administrative Services Coordinator

As a women and children’s center, The Village South recognizes the importance of celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our responsibility to our community to provide awareness and information on this important topic.

This year, we had the privilege to host Dr. Perla Del Pino White from Memorial Primary Care. She provided valuable health information to our ladies regarding breast cancer. Topics such as “Knowing your risks” and “Taking preventative measures and testing” were at the forefront of the presentation. Our clients were engaged and observant during Dr. White’s presentation.

The realization that one in eight women can develop breast cancer in their lifetime was an eye-opener for many in the room, which prompted questions and inquiries. Taking the time to receive yearly physicals that include suggestions for a healthy diet, lab tests for glucose/sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol checks, and performing self-examinations is a start to knowing your numbers early in life, which can be used to compare future changes in one’s body. During her visit, Dr. White stressed the need to quit smoking as it is a factor in the development of breast cancer. Lastly, what we all need is a good night’s rest as most adults require seven to nine hours to avoid a lack of concentration and productivity as well as depression. Let us all take this time whether male or female to start preventative measures for our overall health!

By WestCare

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