Feeding the Community and Keeping Spirits Bright!

By Felicia Williams, Program Director

On Wednesday, Dec. 28, there was a call of action sent out. It was a cold bitter day, however Feeding America, Alderman Russell Stamper II, Alderman Michael Chambers, Milwaukee County Clerk Anna Hodges, Safe and Sound, Milwaukee Fire & Police Department, and WestCare Wisconsin answered the call of providing meals to families over the holiday break. The location was Q’s BBQ’s parking lot with 500 meals in premade boxes available for families to drive up, receive their meals, and drive away. The timeframe was from 10 to noon and there were no boxes remaining at noon. During the holiday season, we understand that many may suffer in silence, so to help the long waiting line, we loaded meals. By the time that we finished and heard the thank you’s, the cold weather didn’t matter!

By WestCare

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