Puerto Rico

15th Anniversary Celebration

By Elizabeth Roldan, Program Assistant

With our hearts full of satisfaction and happiness, Guara Bi celebrated its 15th anniversary! During the celebration, WestCare’s Chief Operating Officer – Caribbean & Latin America, Mr. Cristian Duarte, thanked all of our employees for their effort and dedication in offering services to the homeless. One very emotional moment was when Mr. Duarte informed everyone that the Guara Bi – Caguas project will now be named the Guara Bi – Mendoza project. Mr. Iván Mendoza, Supervisor of the Department of Facilities and Vehicles, was the first client served at Guara Bi today. We are happy with this well-deserved recognition. It is an honor for all of us to celebrate the achievements made by Mr. Mendoza. Congratulations!

By WestCare

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