Grants Do More Than Bring Funds Into a Project

By Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Grants

Grants provide programs and staff an opportunity to dream, to think outside their normal everyday solutions, and/or expand on those solutions to make them more responsive, more adaptable, or more resource rich. Additionally, they help to define the project, provide specific information, and identify available and needed resources. Measurable goals and objectives are developed to allow the team to determine what their success will look like, who will be responsible for their success, and how long it should take them to obtain their success. A grant transports an idea to a workable plan.

Grants also prove the need for the suggested solution and develop the claim that the document’s authors are the best group of individuals in a community to respond to the need. It will point to the staff’s experience, the history of past successes, the proposed provider’s financial stability, and commitment and dedication to seeking a positive result.

When a grant is awarded, it brings jobs to the community, provides a reasonable resolution to the need, and delivers hope for a better community. It is a miraculous thing, and we are excited to share that with everyone. A new grant is a brilliant opportunity to make a difference in many lived!

By WestCare

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