Heather Cirmo: “Uplifting the human spirit means relentless advocacy to promote self-empowerment.”

In celebration of National Women’s History Month, please join us in celebrating the amazing women at WestCare Nevada. Today’s featured women is Heather Cirmo!

Heather has been with WestCare since September 2021. She currently works as a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) at our Women and Children’s Campus (WCC) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Read below for an interview we had with Heather to learn more about her journey at WestCare and what empowers her to do the work she does.

What is a memorable moment of your WestCare journey?

Despite having a cat, Zodiac, who I love with all my heart, I have no children of my own. I love seeing the children around WCC, but my working relationship with them is minimal. However, I always feel honored when clients take the time to bring their children into my office to say hello. One of the most memorable moments of my WestCare journey was when a client had some pictures printed out of her newborn daughter and gave me one to keep in my office. I felt honored that she wanted to share such a special part of her life with me.

As a woman, what/who has empowered you?

I feel very lucky to have had some amazing female bosses who have empowered me throughout my social work journey. I feel empowered by my friends, family, and coworkers. Physical activity also empowers me. I both skate and officiate with the local flat-track roller derby team, and my teammates and coaches empower me and encourage me to do my best and push myself beyond my perceived limits. Roller derby reminds me that practice, determination, and hard work are so much more valuable than perfection, and it also reminds me that falling is a natural part of learning new skills and trying new things. Falling is not as important as how quickly I get back up.

What words of encouragement do you have to share with other women?

I would encourage other women to push themselves to try new things and take on new challenges. There are people who believe in you and will support you, even if you haven’t found them yet. Find your community and surround yourself with people who lift you up. Be relentless in the pursuit of what makes your heart happy and don’t let perfectionism or self-doubt inhibit your positivity. Ask for and accept help when you need it; no one expects you to do it all on your own.

What does uplifting the human spirit mean to you?

To me, uplifting the human spirit means reminding people of their worth and their abilities. The clients that I work with never lost these things, but they’ve often times forgotten about them. Uplifting the human spirit means relentless advocacy to promote self-empowerment. I try to uplift the human spirit by treating all client with the dignity and respect that they deserve regardless of history, diagnosis, and behavioral presentation. Every client is capable of happiness and success, and uplifting the human spirit means motivating them to pursue this goal.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am so grateful to be a part of the WestCare family. Not only is it a wonderful place to work, but it’s amazing to watch each client’s journey as she grows and progresses through the program. I love the uniqueness of the Women and Children’s Campus in that it allows for the reunification of mothers with their children and is an amazing gift that can be granted to mothers committed to changing their lives for the betterment of both themselves and their children.

Heather has been an amazing team and family member of WestCare Nevada and we are honored for her service and dedication. We celebrate her this March and know that she will continue to help uplift the human spirit of those who come to utilize our services.

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