Mar-cha Bell: “Bring hope and touch the inner light.”

In celebration of National Women’s History Month, please join us in celebrating the amazing women at WestCare Nevada. Today’s featured women is Mar-cha Bell!

Mar-cha has been with WestCare Nevada for two years and is currently the Program Manager for Connections Fatherhood F.I.R.E. (Family-Focused, Interconnected, Resilient, Essential) at WestCare Nevada. The program seeks to elevate men in their journey as fathers.

Read below for an interview we had with Mar-Cha to learn more about her journey at WestCare and what empowers her to do the work she does.

What is a memorable moment of your WestCare journey?

When I experienced Harris Spring Ranch for the first time in Las Vegas. The mountain scenery was 😊.

As a woman, who has empowered you?

I am empowered by my mother and every woman of color who, in one way or another, has poured into me wisdom, love, strength, and the ability to face adversity with grace.  

What words of encouragement do you have to share with other women?

It’s ok to NOT be “superwomen” all the time.

What does uplifting the human spirit mean to you?

Uplifting the human spirit means to bring hope to someone and touch the inner part of that person for change.

Mar-cha has been an amazing team and family member of WestCare Nevada and we are honored for her service and dedication. We celebrate her this March and know that she will continue to help uplift the human spirit of those who come to utilize our services.

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