A Letter from an Alumni

Hello, my name is Alex C. and I am a Westcare Nevada alumni, now part of the WestCare Las Vegas Alumni Group.  

Alex C. grilling for the event.

As an alumni, I am so grateful to WestCare for saving my life and showing me a new way to live by living a life of recovery.  

I am in recovery right now and just celebrated 15 years of clean time. Being of service is one of the biggest reasons I’m still clean, giving back what was so freely given. That lesson was taught to me by others in the Alumni Group and the reason why I’m writing this.  

Thank you WestCare for letting us come this April to have our annual Spring Fling event at Harris Spring Ranch (HSR). We love showing our peers who are currently in treatment that there is life and love and fun without the use of drugs. We had carne asada and pollo asado with Spanish rice and pinto beans and Mexican salsa. We love spoiling the clients. So once again, thank you WestCare and our Las Vegas Alumni family for letting me be of service. 

We also love having our fireworks booth every summer which is coming up. For this event, we gather donations and use funds raised on our three annual alumni events we host every year, like the Spring Fling, to give back to those who have helped us on our journey.  

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