U.S. Virgin Islands

Outreach: The Foundation of Our Community 

Shelisa Allen, Administrative Assistant, WestCare Virgin Islands 

This month, the Project Horizon (SPF), Adolescents in Recovery and Community Connections (ARCC), and Sion Hill treatment facility staff collectively attended the 2023 AGRIFEST, better known as, “Agriculture Fair” to raise public awareness of our programs and the services we offer. While we are known as an adult treatment facility here in the Virgin Islands, we continued to expand over the years to offer treatment and preventative services to adolescents and transitional adults between the ages of 12 -25. 

Project Horizon recently collaborated with the organization, Daddy’s Day Out, to promote involvement from fathers with hopes of them serving as positive male role models and fostering interactions for young children and adults within the community.  

On March 4, our Adolescents in Recovery and Community Connections program was featured on Nemmy Jackson’s radio show, “Mind, Body, Soul,” to promote and inform the public of the work and services they offer within the junior high and high school settings here in St. Croix and our neighboring island of St. Thomas.  

A sense of community is the very foundation of The Village and Virgin Islands Partners in Recovery (VIPR). Through outreach, we can connect with our local population in greater ways! 

By WestCare

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