U.S. Virgin Islands

Recreational Healing

By Tammy Smith, Administrative Assistant

Promoting positive mental health is very important to us at The Village – Virgin Island Partners in Recovery (VIPIR). Many times, when we hear of substance abuse recovery, our first thought is abstinence from drugs and alcohol. However, the recovery process is a holistic journey. We foster this idea of holistic healing as we understand the importance of recreational activities being a crucial factor in the development of sober care. Our residents take part in planned recreational activities every week on Friday afternoons to unwind from the week’s stressors. Activities such as karaoke, painting, reading, yoga, or swimming at the beach all help promote exercise but also reduce stress levels. Reducing stress is especially important to promoting happiness and positive well-being. Healthy leisure time with peers promotes constructive feelings and thoughts and is a way of bonding together as a team for our residents to decrease substance use, lower stress, and help residents have a productive recovery process and reintegration into society.

By WestCare

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