CORE & WestCare Nevada: A Collaboration for our Families 

On July 20, local non-profit, CORE, joined WestCare Nevada for a fantastic tour at our Women and Children’s Campus (WCC) led by the Vice Chair of WestCare Nevada’s Community Action Council (CAC), Marilyn Moran.  

Longtime friend, Nevadan, and philanthropist, Barbara Molasky, is the current Outreach Director of CORE. Also on the tour was CORE’s Executive Director, Jeff Jones, and Volunteer and Mentor Coordinator, Jennifer Jeong. 

We are excited to collaborate with CORE because many of our values and philosophies align. CORE is dedicated to building communities that support scholars and families with equity, accountability, partnership, and kindness. They empower, enrich, and educate.  

CORE adheres to the pioneering work of the Aspen Institute by recognizing the need to provide services and opportunities for children and the adults in their lives in the following areas: 

  1. Postsecondary education and employment pathways 
  1. Early childhood education and development 
  1. Economic assets 
  1. Health and well-being 
  1. Social capital 

CORE is one of only two organizations in Southern Nevada to have formally adopted this whole family approach. 

Given that our WCC has children up through the fifth grade living with their mothers as they utilize our services, we see the potential of these children transitioning into CORE’s programs and services.   

We are very excited about what the future holds for our two organizations and look forward to continuing the good work that we do in the community.    

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