Camp Mariposa Directors Attend Eluna Network Training in Philadelphia

By Renee Salyers, Regional Administrator, WestCare Tennessee

During the week of September 27th, The Eluna Network was host to WestCare staff from Tennessee, Kentucky, Gulf Coast – Florida, and Ohio, along with many other Camp Mariposa members from across the U.S. and Canada. All Camp Directors were trained in the evidence-based program, Too Good for Drugs.

Too Good for Drugs’ fourth-grade curriculum lays the groundwork for drug-free living through a fun and interactive journey of setting reachable goals, communicating effectively and making responsible decisions.

The program focuses on developing students’ social-emotional skills and reinforces those skills through interactive activities. Students embark on a “canoe trip” to discern positive and negative friendship qualities and take on superpowers as Captain Funderwear and Princess Glitter Blast to learn the dangerous consequences of unsafe use of prescription medications. Other activities include an A-mazing maze to identify the steps to making good decisions, a “car race” to find healthy ways to manage emotions, and role-play scenarios for mastering peer-pressure refusal strategies. We look forward to implementing this curriculum in Camp Mariposa across WestCare!

We’d like to send a big THANK YOU to Brian Maus and Latoya Ford of the Eluna Network.

The mission of Eluna is to support children and families impacted by grief or addiction. Our innovative resources and programs address the critical needs of children experiencing powerful, overwhelming, and often confusing emotions associated with the death of someone close to them or the presence of substance abuse in their family. No child should have to face these struggles alone and our unique programs bring kids together to ease their pain and provide the tools need to help restore hope.

By WestCare

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