Bringing Families Closer Together with Warm Meals!

By Felicia Williams, Program Director, Life Skills Training, WestCare Wisconsin

WestCare Wisconsin recently assessed the needs of our Harambee residents and provided a solution. There is no better way to bring a family together than a hot meal after long and busy days! So, crockpots and healthy recipes were distributed to several families to cut down on cooking time and increase family time! Some were connected through the WestCare Wisconsin E.A.T.S Food Pantry, Life Skills Training (LST) program, and the Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP). These residents were extremely excited and shared that they couldn’t wait to create meals for their families to enjoy! We are hoping that there will be lots of chili, stew, and soup on the menu during these upcoming cold winter months!

WestCare Wisconsin: #ProvidingSolutionsOneNeedAtATime

By WestCare

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