Taking Action in Observance of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Jessica Cerda, WestCare Texas

In partnership with the Pagasus night club, BEAT AIDS, The Queen Fantasia, and Tundra Hall, WestCare Texas presented the “Current State of HIV and Medicine,” a panel discussion and Q&A with BEAT AIDS Outreach Coordinator, Elizabeth Tijerina and local drag queens, The Queen Fantasia and Tundra Hall. The panel was streamed live on Queen Fantasia’s weekly podcast on Instagram, The Queen Show, and preceded The Queens of the Strip drag show at Pegasus the same night.

WestCare Texas has a new lead prevention navigator who is taking HIV/AIDS education and prevention straight to Main Street! In San Antonio, Main Street is also referred to as “The Strip,” where LGBTQIA+ nightclubs sit next to each other for a few blocks just north of downtown.

Xavier Graves, WestCare Texas’ Lead Prevention Navigator, says that the “Current State of HIV and Medicine” event held on September 29th in observance of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on September 27th, is just the beginning.

“This event was a great starting point for the direction we’re trying to take this program. We would like to get involved in spaces where the people that we are trying to educate, commune, and reach live, work, and play.” 

Xavier Graves

Additionally, BEAT AIDS provided free and confidential on-site HIV testing an hour before and after the show. Next, Graves plans to organize a food and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing drive for the homeless population near downtown as well as conduct more outreach on The Strip. He began his role with WestCare Texas as the lead prevention navigator on September 1st and is starting his tenure with active and culturally appropriate engagement with his population of focus.

Welcome to WestCare, Xavier!

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