Building Excitement for Summer Extravaganza 2022

By Jessica Cerda

As the school semester winds down this spring, the students, teachers, and parents at San Antonio Independent School District’s Artemisia Bowden Dual Language Academy are heating up the atmosphere with excitement for this year’s WestCare Texas Summer Extravaganza.

“There is already a lot of buzz on campus,” said Pam Duesing, Director of the Ella Austin Intensive Reading Intervention Program. “Staff, parents, and children are excited about the BIG summer camp that will happen on the Bowden campus this summer.”

The teams at WestCare Texas and Bowden Academy have partnered to host a Summer Extravaganza on the Bowden Campus, next door to the WestCare headquarters at the Ella Austin Community Center.

The Summer Extravaganza is a summer camp for children between the ages of six to 15 designed to offer fun and creative learning opportunities to sharpen their reading and math skills. In addition, there will be enrichment activities involving the arts, yoga, sports, STEM, financial literacy, and educational field trips to explore different museums and attractions around Central Texas. The NBA Foundation, one of WestCare’s Summer Extravaganza sponsors, will support the sports activities during the camp. The Summer Extravaganza will host 150 kids from June 6 to August 5, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

By WestCare

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