Thank You, Brittany

By Anna Bevins, Project Director

Brittany Slone, Program Director for the WestCare Perry Cline Emergency Shelter, has made quite an impact on our small community with her sweet personality and tenacious compassion for the underserved population. She can be found, almost daily, spreading the word about how WestCare serves and Uplifts the Human Spirit. Her dream is to raise enough funds to renovate the 85-year-old building that houses the shelter residents. She has placed donation boxes in many local stores so customers can easily make a financial contribution. Most recently, she received a donation of concert tickets to see Poison from the Appalachian Arena to raffle at Hillbilly Days in Pike County – Kentucky’s largest festival. She estimates that the repairs to the building will be upwards of $250,000.

Fun Fact: The shelter building is the namesake for attorney Perry Cline portrayed on the “Hatfields & McCoys” television miniseries and is a historical monument on the beautiful backstreets of Pikeville, Kentucky!

By WestCare

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