WestCare Washington and Team Depot’s Winter Cleanup

By Andrea Talmadge, Regional Coordinator

WestCare Washington/WAServes has cultivated a unique relationship with Home Depot, its employees, and its foundation. Over the decades, this relationship has strengthened as we combine our shared values and distinct capabilities to serve our Veteran community.

After two and a half years, with the COVID-19 state of emergency lifted, we are moving ahead with Team Depot, Home Depot’s associate volunteer force. WestCare Washinton and Team Depot will honor those who have served with a Winter Cleanup event. Wintertime brings its challenges and for our senior population and low-income Veterans with disabilities, seasonal tasks such as raking leaves and cleaning out gutters can be overwhelming.

Tackling this issue, we have worked together to create a winter yardwork checklist to identify the needed improvements that will benefit our low-income Veterans and seniors. This collaboration will allow the winter cleanup magic to come to life! WestCare Washington continues to move forward with innovative projects such as this that will add value and impact our local Veteran population.

By WestCare

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