Celebrating the Service of Glenn Pannkuk

By Barbara Ruiter, Data Entry

An avid supporter of FAVA/WestCare Iowa throughout the years, Glenn Pannkuk has presented a regular Veteran’s Day event for our program and has always been supportive of our annual chili cook-off and silent auction fundraising events.

“I have been supportive of FAVA mainly because of what you do for our Veterans and the community,” said Glenn.

He truly loves FAVA, who takes care of the soldiers who have once fought beside him and gave so much to our country.

Mayor Barney Ruiter of Forest City, Iowa, holds Glenn in high regard, describing him as:

“An honest, intelligent and trustworthy person with great integrity. Glenn does not brag about his military experience or make himself out to be a hero. Soldiers like Glenn, who lived it, put it in the back of their minds, go on and be the best that they can be. You don’t forget those things, but they make you a stronger and better person. I was always impressed by Glenn’s exemplary service to the people and country. While in the service, Glenn’s strong leadership skills included respecting the other soldiers and they respected him. He is a pillar to be admired.”

After Glenn enlisted, he achieved the rank of E8 Master Sergeant. He was drafted into the military in 1966 and served in Vietnam for two years. During his first month in Vietnam, thirty-one soldiers were killed. That was ten percent of the platoon that he was in. It was a very sad situation.

“These were young men who did not know the difference between their weapons and a tree branch,” said Glenn Pannkuk

After ten years off, he enlisted in the U.S. National Guard, where he served in Desert Storm. His total service time was over twenty-five years. The things that he enjoyed most in the military were being a platoon sergeant and training fellow soldiers. His motto with his men was:

“We might never be first or best at anything. That’s fine. But, if we do our best, we will never be last at anything.”

-Glenn Pannkuk

Glenn truly loved his men and protected them as much as he could.

By WestCare

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